A.B.E.B.K. 20/20 Vision Entertainment is an American independent record label (or indie record label) founded by Tajeki "FAME" Johnson, who currently is CEO and Tasha Luna has taken on the position of President. That's right, we operate without the funding of or from the organizations of the major record labels.
We make good music for the people. By the people. This is just the beginning.Stay tuned. When it comes to our music.We are lyrically (A)NY (B)ODY (E)VERY (B)ODY (K)ILLA!!!!
So Welcome To The Abebk/2020 Vision Ent Website Here U Will Find Out About The Whole Abebk Squad...The Current Music And Upcoming Music Thats Upcoming And That Is To Be Released From The Whole Abebk Team...U Will Also Find Merchandise And Music U will Also Be Able To Purchase..As Well As Upcoming Events..Interveiws...And Other Plans And Plays We Have Unfolding For The Upcoming 2018 Year..So Thanks To All Fans New Fans And Old And New Viewers None Of This Would Be Possible Without All Of U! Thanks Again!